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Duck Stuffed With Pork Recipe


  • Duck1, whole
  • BaconItalian
  • Garlic
  • FennelSeeds
  • Salt
  • Pepper

Duck Stuffed With Pork Recipe

  1. Singe the duck, remove the pin feathers from the skin, and then empty the cavity and wash and dry the duck, including the inside.
  2. Put plenty of salt, pepper, and fennel seeds on a plate, and then chop the Italian bacon into cubes that will be flavored with the mixture.
  3. Clean out the gizzard and clean the liver of any spots of bile, then wash, cut into pieces, and add to the seasoned bacon along with the garlic cloves (not peeled).
  4. Fill the cavity of the duck with this mixture, taking care to close the opening with kitchen thread.
  5. Salt and pepper the outside as well, and then arrange in a greased pan and place in a hot oven.
  6. Turn often and as it cooks prick the skin occasionally with a fork to let out the grease.
  7. The duck will be ready when the skin is dry and crunchy.

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