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Breaded Pork Tenderloins Recipe

  • 1 cup flour (divided)
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • Approximately 1/2 sleeve saltine crackers (crushed)
  • 3-4 boneless pork loin chops, tenderized
  • lard (or canola oil) - enough for about 1/2 to 3/4" in bottom of pan

Breaded Pork Tenderloins Recipe


  1. Set up your breading stations. One with 1/2 cup flour, one with the egg and milk mixed and the other with the crackers and other 1/2 cup of flour mixed. You can season your breading if you like but salt, that's good enough for us.
  2. Dip your tenderloin in the flour (See those lines? That is the tenderizer machine's cuts.) Coat on both sides. Dip in egg/milk mixture. Coat with cracker/flour mixture, gently pressing into the tenderloin so it sticks. 
  3. Fry in hot oil/lard approximately 3-4 minutes on each side until cooked through. 
  4. Drain on paper towels. Serve on buns with desired condiments . Mustard, mayonnaise, dill pickle chips, ketchup, sliced onion, lettuce and tomato are all welcome to the party. They can also be cut into strips and dipped in ketchup or eaten as a sandwich with Romaine lettuce strips as the "bun."
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